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Sandefjord Airport - All Information on Sandefjord Airport (TRF)

Sandefjord Airport (TRF) Sandefjord Airport (TRF)

Sandefjord Airport

Torpveien 130, 3241 Sandefjord, Norway
+ 47 33 42 70 00
+ 47 33 42 70 00 (Lost + Found)
+4733427001 (fax)
Sandefjord Airport - All Information on Sandefjord Airport (TRF)

Sandefjord Airport (TRF), located 7 km northeast of Sandefjord, Norway, and 110 kilometers south of Oslo, offers a convenient gateway for domestic and international travelers. With a rich history dating back to its opening in 1956, the airport has continuously evolved to meet the needs of modern-day aviation.

In terms of facilities, Sandefjord Airport provides a comfortable and efficient environment for passengers. The terminal building boasts modern amenities, including spacious waiting areas, comfortable seating, and free Wi-Fi access. Travelers can also enjoy a variety of dining options, ranging from quick bites to full-service restaurants, catering to different tastes and preferences.

Recognized for its commitment to excellence, Sandefjord Airport has received several awards and accolades throughout the years. Notably, it has been recognized for its sustainability efforts, implementing eco-friendly practices to minimize its environmental impact.

Travelers at Sandefjord Airport can expect a smooth and hassle-free experience. Check-in procedures are streamlined, ensuring minimal wait times and efficient processing. Rigorous security measures are in place to ensure passenger safety, providing peace of mind while traveling. Additionally, the airport offers a range of services that cater to the needs of passengers, such as duty-free shopping, currency exchange, and car rental facilities.

Transfer Services at Sandefjord Airport

There are various easy ways to get ground transportation to and from Sandefjord Airport, conveniently situated around 7 kilometers from Sandefjord's city in Norway. In addition to ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft, hotel shuttle services and parking facilities are available to travelers.

Car Rental Services at Sandefjord Airport

With the variety of vehicle rental options offered by Sandefjord Airport, visitors may conveniently explore Sandefjord and its surroundings at leisure. Convenient counters for major rental providers, including Avis, Budget, Europcar, and Hertz, can be found within the airport terminal. These car rental firms provide a range of automobiles to accommodate various budgets and demands.

See and compare all rental car companies at Sandefjord Airport.

Taxi Services at Sandefjord Airport

With rates ranging from NOK 2,800–3,000 to NOK 550–600 for well-known locations like Oslo Central Station, Sandefjord city center, Tønsberg, Skien, and Kristiansand, Sandefjord Airport in Norway provides taxi services around the clock. Larger cars are available for parties or people with additional baggage. Taxis may hold up to 4 passengers and two bags.

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Train Services at Sandefjord Airport

The Vestfold Line connects Norway's Sandefjord Airport, and regular rail services run between the airport and Oslo Central Station. Vy provides discounts to groups, elders, and kids. Skien, Tønsberg, Drammen, Lillehammer, and Trondheim are other places to visit. You may buy tickets at the railway station or online. In addition, the station has restrooms and space for storing bags.

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Bus Services at Sandefjord Airport

Bus companies that service Sandefjord Airport, also called Torp Sandefjord Lufthavn, include VY Express, Vy Bus4You, Nettbuss, and Lavprisekspressen. These routes connect Kristiansand, Stavanger, southern Norway, and Oslo Central Station. More information about buses to and from Sandefjord Airport.

Discounts for groups, older people, and children are available when purchasing bus tickets, which may be bought online or at the bus stop at the airport. Tønsberg, Skien, Kristiansand, Stavanger, Haugesund, Bergen, and Stavanger are among the other locations.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Sandefjord Airport

Several hotels provide free shuttle services for easy airport transfers for travelers with reservations close to Sandefjord Airport. The regular operation of these hotel shuttles guarantees the comfort and convenience of travel for visitors.

Rideshare Services at Sandefjord Airport

At Sandefjord Airport, ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft are accessible, offering a flexible and reasonably priced mode of transportation. Via the smartphone app, travelers may hail a vehicle, and specified pickup locations are usually found at the airport exits. The rideshare services provide an easy and dependable method to go from Sandefjord airport to the city center, around 7 kilometers away.

Parking Services at Sandefjord Airport

Those who would rather drive themselves to Sandefjord Airport have access to parking facilities. To meet the demands of its diverse clientele, the airport provides short- and long-term parking alternatives. Parking spots are usually available, although it's best to come early during hours of high traffic.

See more information about short and long term parking at Sandefjord Airport.

Other Services at Sandefjord Airport

Sandefjord Airport offers additional services to enhance passengers' travel experience. These include car rental agencies, currency exchange facilities, and a duty-free shop where travelers can purchase tax-free goods. Several dining options are also available, ensuring passengers can satisfy their hunger before or after their flight.

Disabled Passengers at Sandefjord Airport

This airport is committed to providing a seamless and accessible experience for passengers with disabilities. The airport employs trained staff who can assist passengers with special needs, including those requiring mobility aids or wheelchair assistance. The airport also has designated parking spaces close to the terminal and accessible restrooms and ramps.

Wi-Fi at Sandefjord Airport

Sandefjord Airport provides free Wi-Fi access throughout the terminal to keep passengers connected during their time at the airport. This enables travelers to browse the internet, check emails, or stay connected with friends and family. The Wi-Fi network is reliable and easy to connect to, ensuring a smooth online experience for all passengers.

Baggage Claim at Sandefjord Airport

Once passengers arrive at the hub, they can easily retrieve their baggage from the well-organized and efficient baggage claim area. The airport's baggage handling system ensures that luggage is quickly and accurately delivered to the appropriate carousel. Clear signage and helpful staff are available to assist passengers, making the baggage claim process hassle-free and convenient.

Information Desk at Sandefjord Airport

The information desk at the terminal is staffed with knowledgeable personnel ready to assist passengers with any queries or concerns. Whether providing directions, offering flight information, or answering general inquiries, the friendly staff at the information desk are dedicated to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable travel experience for all.

Smoking at Sandefjord Airport

Sandefjord Airport has designated smoking areas for passengers who wish to smoke. These areas are conveniently located outside the terminal building, allowing smokers to enjoy their cigarettes without affecting non-smokers. The airport authorities have provided these designated areas to ensure a comfortable and smoke-free environment inside the terminal.

Lost and Found Section at Sandefjord Airport

Sandefjord Airport provides a Lost and Found section to assist passengers in retrieving their lost belongings. Its desk is in the arrivals area and is staffed by friendly personnel ready to help. If you have lost an item during your travel, visit the Lost and Found section for assistance in recovering your belongings.

Restrooms at Sandefjord Airport

The airport features modern restrooms that are clean and well-maintained. The restrooms are conveniently located throughout the terminal building, ensuring easy access for travelers. These facilities have all the necessary amenities, including toilets, sinks, and hand dryers. Whether you need a quick bathroom break before your flight or during a layover, you can expect clean, comfortable, and functional restrooms at Sandefjord Airport.

Nursing Mothers Station at Sandefjord Airport

This airport understands the needs of nursing mothers and provides a dedicated Nursing Mothers Station. This private and comfortable area offers a quiet space for mothers to breastfeed or pump milk for their babies. The station has comfortable seating, electrical outlets, and amenities to ensure a pleasant experience. Mothers can use this thoughtful facility to attend to their baby's needs in a peaceful and convenient environment.

ATMs at Sandefjord Airport

Sandefjord Airport has multiple ATMs conveniently located within the terminal building, ensuring easy access for travelers. These machines accept major credit and debit cards, allowing passengers to withdraw cash in Norwegian Kroner (NOK) or make other banking transactions. Having ATMs available at the airport provides added convenience for travelers needing local currency for transportation, dining, or other expenses during their time in Norway.

Currency Exchange at Sandefjord Airport

At the airport, you'll find a convenient currency exchange service where you can easily convert your currency to the Norwegian Krone (NOK) or vice versa. The exchange rates are competitive, and the staff is friendly and efficient. Whether arriving or departing, this service ensures you have the necessary cash for your travel needs.

Food and Beverage at Sandefjord Airport

Sandefjord Airport offers a variety of dining options to satisfy your hunger before or after your flight. You can choose from cafes, restaurants, and fast-food outlets serving local and international cuisine. Enjoy a hearty meal, grab a quick snack, or relax with a coffee while waiting for your departure. The options available cater to different dietary preferences and offer a range of delicious choices.

Shopping at Sandefjord Airport

The airport provides an excellent shopping experience for travelers. You'll find a wide range of products, from duty-free shops to boutiques to browse and purchase. Discover a selection of fashion, accessories, electronics, souvenirs, and more. Take advantage of the tax-free prices and find that perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. The stores offer local and international brands, ensuring a diverse shopping experience.

Pet Relief at Sandefjord Airport

The airport conveniently provides designated pet relief areas throughout the terminals to accommodate their comfort. To maintain cleanliness, these areas have waste bags, disposal bins, and cleaning supplies. Pet owners can allow their furry friends to stretch their legs and relieve themselves before or after their journey, ensuring a pleasant experience for both pets and their owners.

Ticketing Services at Sandefjord Airport

Various airlines and travel agencies offer ticketing services, providing convenient options for purchasing or booking flights at this airport. Whether you need to change your reservation, inquire about flight schedules, or purchase tickets on the spot, knowledgeable staff are available to assist you. With efficient service and modern facilities, ticketing at Sandefjord Airport ensures a smooth and hassle-free travel experience.

About Sandefjord, Norway

Sandefjord, a charming city in Norway, is adorned with captivating attractions showcasing its rich cultural, historical, and natural heritage. The city offers a unique blend of old-world charm and modern amenities, making it a delightful visitor destination.

For culture enthusiasts, Sandefjord presents an array of museums and landmarks to explore. The Vestfold Museum takes visitors on a journey through the region's history, exhibiting artifacts and exhibits that highlight the area's significance. Additionally, the Whaling Museum provides a fascinating insight into Sandefjord's whaling past, showcasing the city's close ties to this age-old industry.

Nature lovers will solace in the city's beautiful parks and scenic landscapes. The Gokstadhaugen Park offers a tranquil setting with its lush greenery and picturesque lake, perfect for a stroll or relaxation. Visitors can also explore the nearby Melsomvik beach, enjoying the pristine shores and breathtaking views of the Oslo Fjord.

Sandefjord is not just a destination for history and nature enthusiasts; it also delights food lovers with its local cuisine. The city is known for its diverse culinary scene, offering many traditional and international flavors. From fresh seafood dishes to mouthwatering Scandinavian delicacies, there is something to satisfy every palate.

Throughout the year, Sandefjord hosts various special events and festivals that enhance its appeal. From the Viking Festival, which celebrates the city's Viking heritage, to the Sandefjord International Music Festival, showcasing talented musicians from around the world, there is always something happening in Sandefjord.

Getting around the city is easy, thanks to the well-developed transportation options. Visitors can utilize the efficient public transportation system, including buses and trains, to explore the city and its surrounding areas. Additionally, car rental services are readily available for those who prefer to drive themselves.

Weather in Sandefjord, Norway

Sandefjord Airport, situated in the mesmerizing landscapes of Norway, experiences a diverse range of weather conditions throughout the year. The region's temperate climate offers visitors a blend of warm summers and mild winters, making it an appealing destination year-round.

Sandefjord showcases its most inviting weather during the summer months from June to August, with average temperatures ranging from 16 to 20 degrees Celsius (61-68°F). This time of the year offers excellent opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, and exploring the beautiful coastal areas.

As autumn creeps in, temperatures drop slightly between 8 and 14 degrees Celsius (46-57°F) in September and October. This season offers stunning foliage, making it an ideal time for nature enthusiasts and photographers to capture the vibrant colors of the Norwegian landscape.

Winter brings a calm and serene atmosphere to Sandefjord, with average temperatures hovering around 0 to 4 degrees Celsius (32-39°F) in December and January. While snowfall is common, it rarely causes significant disruptions, allowing visitors to enjoy winter sports like skiing and ice skating.

Spring arrives in March and April, with temperatures ranging from 4 to 9 degrees Celsius (39-48°F). This season is perfect for immersing in the beauty of blooming flowers and witnessing the awakening of nature surrounding Sandefjord.

Extreme weather patterns are relatively uncommon in Sandefjord. However, occasional strong winds and heavy rainfall can occur throughout the year. Visitors should check weather forecasts and pack when planning their trips.

Visiting during the summer months is recommended to fully experience Sandefjord's natural wonders and engage in specific outdoor activities. For those preferring cooler temperatures and fewer crowds, spring and autumn offer a tranquil setting. Sandefjord Airport welcomes travelers with its enchanting landscapes and pleasant climate, regardless of the season.

Important Contact Details in Sandefjord, Norway

In an emergency, while visiting Sandefjord, it is crucial to know the local contact details for immediate assistance. For medical emergencies, visitors can rely on the Sandefjord Emergency Medical Services by dialing 113, providing swift access to professional healthcare.

In cases requiring police intervention, it is essential to contact the Sandefjord Police Department at 112. They are equipped to handle various situations and ensure residents' and visitors' safety and well-being.

For any queries or support related to embassy services, travelers can contact their respective embassies in Oslo, Norway's capital city. The embassies can provide guidance and assistance to their citizens during their stay in Sandefjord.

Tourist Information:

  • DNT Sandefjord, Matrosgata 6, 3210 Sandefjord. Phone: +47 95 40 50 85.
  • Hours: Wednesday 12–4 PM, Thursday 10 AM–6 PM, Friday 10 AM–4 PM.
  • Emergency: Police: 112. Fire: 110. Ambulance: 113.
  • Hospital: Sandefjord Sykehus, Sykehusveien 20, 3212 Sandefjord. Phone: +47 33 44 40 00.
  • City Hall: Sandefjord Rådhus, Rådhustorget 1, 3210 Sandefjord. Phone: +47 33 41 50 00.

In addition to emergency services, Sandefjord boasts reliable medical facilities, including Sandefjord Hospital, located just a short distance from the airport. This modern medical center offers comprehensive healthcare services for urgent and non-urgent medical needs.

While Sandefjord is generally a safe and welcoming destination, keeping emergency contact numbers readily available is always prudent. With these important contact details, visitors can ensure security and seek assistance promptly.

Sandefjord Airport Contacts

Address: Torpveien 130, 3241 Sandefjord, Norway

General Phone: + 47 33 42 70 00

Lost and Found Phone: + 47 33 42 70 00.

Information Desk Phone: + 47 33 42 70 00

Official Website:

Local Information

Drive on: Right

Electricity: 230V/50Hz

Plug: C, F

Currency: Norwegian krone, NOK, kr

Wi-Fi at Airport: Free Wi-Fi is available at Sandefjord Airport.

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